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Puducherry, formerly Pondicherry, is a Union Territory of India. It is a former French colony, consisting of four small unconnected districts and named for the largest, Pondicherry. It is also known as 'The French Riviera of the East'. There is a strong influence of French culture on Pondicherry town, especially on its architecture, a result of centuries old relations this place maintained with France.

Amazing is the fact that different districts of Pondicherry fall under different states. The capital Pondicherry is situated in the state of Tamil Nadu at a distance of around 200km from Chennai, while Karaikal is also a part of Tamil Nadu, Mahe is located in Kerala and Yanam is in Andhra Pradesh.

Away from the hustle and bustle of big city, Puducherry is a quiet little town on the southern coast. The unmistakable French connection, the tree lined boulevards, the quaint colonial heritage buildings, the spiritual scene, the endless stretches of unspoilt virgin beaches, backwater, a surprising choice of restaurants serving a melange of cuisines, provide a heady mix that draw travellers from near and far.

Latitude 11.93�N
Longitude 79.13�E

Must See

-Sri Aurobindo Ashram
-Pondicherry Museum
-Botanical Garden
-Promenade Beach
-Paradise Beach
-Pondicherry Beach
-Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
-Chunnambar Boat House
-Romain Rolland Library
-Serenity Beach

-Karaikal Ammaiyar Temple
-The Temple of Lord Saturn (Sanishwaran) Thirunallar
-Karaikal Beach
-The Dargah of Masthan Sahib Valiullah
-The Church of Our Lady of Angels
-Karaikal Port

-Annavaram Temple
-Venkanna Babu Temple

-Boat House
-Tagore Park
-Mahe Walkway
-Puthalam Temple
-St. Theresa Church

Popular Food

Coconut Curry
Tandoori Potato
Soya Dosa
Curried Vegetables
Stuffed Cabbage
Italian Baked Beans

Things to Buy

Textiles - Puducherry has long been a centre for the production of household linen and garment textiles.

Furniture - �Puducherry offers antique furniture such as refinished Tamil, Keralite, French and British colonial furniture.

Leather - making leather the forgotten way, with exacting attention to detail, is what separates the Puducherry brands from the rest. Carefully finshed, innovative products with quality can be found in many leather shops.

Pottery - excellent ceramic artists and artisans work in Puducherry and Auroville. They keep a keen eye out for the right kind of clay and glazes and make the kilns appropriate to the local environment. Lending their signature with an elegant simplicity and a unique decorative flourish.

Aromatics - Puducherry is world famous for high quality non-toxic incense sticks and cones as well as scented candles, perfumed oils and sachets, incense holders, ceramic holders and diffusers.

How To reach

-Pondicherry is well connected by road
-Frequent bus services are available from Pondicherry to places like Thanjaur, Trichy, Chidamabaram and Coimbatore

-Puducherry is connected by a railway branch line from the five-way junction at Viluppuram and Chennai
-Express trains come from Chennai, Bangalore, Viluppuram, Mumbai, Bhubaneswar, Howrah and other cities

-Pondicherry Airport is situated at Lawspet
-A new terminal building was inaugurated in January 2013 and scheduled flights to Bangalore were launched
-Karaikal Airport, a greenfield airport to be ready by 2014